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Welcome to Sugar Six Photography (formerly ISG Photography) – Anchorage Alaska’s Wedding and Portrait Photographer

March 14, 2010

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Welcome to Sugar Six Photography (formerly ISG Photography) archive blog. If you have landed here you are looking at my blog archives not current blog posts which can be found at the link above.

Sugar Six Photography, Wedding and portrait photographer located just outside of Anchorage Alaska in Eagle River. 907-317-1433




Family Outdoors Eagle River Alaska Photographer

September 20, 2012

I’m calling this session the pre-rain session because since their photo shoot it has just poured and poured for two full weeks. While editing I remembered how beautiful our fall trees are here in Eagle River and how much I wish it would STOP RAINING!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ They say sun is on the horizon for tomorrow and I hope they are right. I’m going into another weekend full of wedding photography, families in the park as well as a few high school seniors. Fingers and toes crossed that all goes well and I can get caught up.
In the meantime editing this gorgeous family helped my spirits. i love the rich colors in their photographs and how well they all coordinate with each other.

Garden Wedding with Amazing Attention to Detail – Anchorage Alaska Outdoor Wedding

August 27, 2012

In a yard full of amazingly gorgeous flowers, sweet peas and friends Brandon and Brenda were married on Saturday. Before the wedding Brenda prepared upstairs while the house hummed with activity preparing for that moment when she would walk off her parent’s porch into her new beginning. Arm and arm with her father she blissfully headed toward her twin brother who would marry her to Brandon, the man of her dreams. Their wedding was brief but personal and sweet filled with tears and laughter. All around her parent’s property were little personal touches for the wedding. Handmade signs in potted plants directing guests, jelly made by the bride and groom and an elegant cake with a gorgeous ribbon to match the bride. Wedding photographer heaven!


Husband and wife finally we headed up to Flattop in south Anchorage for some Alaskan scenery wedding photographs. The wind blew her veil around perfectly and blew the haze off the city long enough for us to get a few images with all of the iconic Anchorage Alaska landmarks including sleeping lady, Denali way off in the distance and downtown Anchorage skyline. We ran a little behind with photographs but who wouldn’t when you have a chance to get shots like these? ๐Ÿ™‚ When we returned Brandon and Brenda danced the night away with friends to the music of a live band flown in from California just for their wedding! Chandeliers hung from the tent stakes and candles in mason jars were the perfect touch as the sun started to set.


Their happily ever after has begun and I’m so so happy for them!

For more images from Brandon and Brenda’s amazing wedding be sure to visit my Facebook page atย 

Fall Family Portrait In The Park Special! 6th annual photo shoot in the fall colors in a park in Anchorage Alaska

August 15, 2012

6th annual fall in the park special is on again!!! September 14th and 16th. Give me a call ASAP as this special ALWAYS fills up very fast. Come and get your portraits in our gorgeous Alaskan fall colors! The peak of fall is September 15th so that is the weekend we are going for again. The park is still to be determined but it will be a park in the Anchorage or Eagle River area. The special includes a 30-40 minute mini session in the park with Sugar Six Photography, all professional retouching on your images, as well as the digital negatives! This special is perfect for couples, just children or your entire family. Having your portraits taken in September gives you plenty of time to order all sorts of photo product gifts for holiday gift giving.

Watch my Sugar Six Photography facebook page for suggestions on what to wear as well.

Call Sugar Six Photography at 907-317-1433 to book today!

Boudoir Session in the new studio – Wedding Photographer shoots boudoir session in Anchorage Alaska

August 13, 2012

This session was a double reward session for me. I think there should be something equivalent to life reward points. You could cash them in during times you have to do crummy stuff. Haha, ok, I digress. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel boudoir sessions are extra special to women who have passed their twenties, had babies and are not in what most would think is their physical prime. The bonus life reward points are because the love of her life is half way around the world fighting for our country and not only do I get to share her beauty with HER I also get to share it with him which I know will be extra special. Those sessions mean more to me because they fulfill the reason I started photographing boudoir. Way back when a friend asked me to take some pictures of her in a boudoir type setting for her husband. I politely declined for about a year but finally I agreed. Every experience photographing women up to that point had been a little frustrating for me. Mom’s didn’t purchase the images they were in because they looked _______ (you can fill in the blank with hundreds of things; fat, old, flat chested, etc.) That very first boudoir session was different. I focused JUST on making her look her best, edited the images with attention to detail, and I was excited to show her but totally prepared for her to hate them. Instead of hating them though she LOVED them. She cried and said she had never felt that beautiful in her entire life. How do you not photograph boudoir after that experience?!?

So happy life reward points all around!

This one is special because her man says what he misses most is waking up to her smile having coffee in the morning. Awwww….seriously sweet.

Brave & Stunning Mother and Wife – Sexy Boudoir Pictures by Anchorage Alaska Photographer

August 2, 2012

So are you ready for this?? This stunning woman is the mother of 5 children under eight years old. I’m sorry but I’m still in shock about that and she totally has blown my baby weight theory out the window considering my youngest is about to turn 10. Haha. She was pretty nervous and worried “regular moms” couldn’t look as amazing as other young women I work with. I think I very very very much proved her wrong. She has a great sense of humor, a strong sense of self and this fab post baby body. Oh AND as if that’s not enough she swears she’s just a “white girl” who tans easily!! I’m sorry, not fair! ๐Ÿ™‚

These images are a surprise for her husband but I’m guessing they will be a surprise for herself as well because I don’t think she truly sees this stunning woman looking back at her in the mirror every day! Best part of my job hands down.

Want to schedule your own sexy boudoir photography session? Give me a call anytime. I am currently booking boudoir sessions in my brand new studio space in eagle river alaska for August and September.

Baby As Art – Photo shoot in the new studio space with a tiny 10 day old baby girl

July 30, 2012


Despite her resistance this tiny newborn baby girl finally fell asleep and into her role as the star of the show. She was a bit fussy at first but finally after a lot of patting, feeding and patience she fell into a deep sleep on my pink rug. Apparently she likes pink. So pink it is! Her chubby perfect cheeks on her petite little frame just make my heart smile. Her skin tone is amazing and her little expressions so fun. Newborn photo sessions are long and sometimes challenging but the reward is like no other kind of shoot.

Baseball Wedding on a Sunny Day – Peters Creek Alaska Wedding and Settlers Bay Reception

July 18, 2012

They met playing baseball together and the rest is history….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Super fun wedding on a super hot day! It was glorious with just the right amount of puffy clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. If we hadn’t been standing in the middle of a baseball field everyone would have been comfortable. LOL. But it was OH SO worth it to see their sweet private ceremony. They were married by a groomsmen in front of just immediate family and a few friends. For their vows they chose to step away from everyone, out of earshot, and have a moment just for the two of them on the pitchers mound. You could feel the emotion between them even from far away. No one knows what was said except the two of them but I think everyone can fill in the blanks by their loving embrace! We had plenty of photography time following the ceremony before their larger, friend filled, reception at Settlers Bay in Wasilla that evening. The sun kept shining and the DJ kept playing until the wee hours of the night which of course made for fantastic wedding photographs. They even let us drive a golf cart around to get some fun shots of the scenery there at the golf course. Perfect day for a perfect love.